Welcome to The Realm of Connections

Hi readers! So I’m writing this blog as part of a job (but don’t tell anyone that), for a company called PupilMentor. I think in fact, that the company’s existence and idea is pretty interesting. Now, for any parents reading this, I’m sure you have endured the struggle to find suitable classes and teachers that follow and teach your children’s interests? You have probably pored over beloved Google for hours and undergone major networking to find – or rather, hear – of good teachers and coaches in your local area.

Well! Fear no longer, for I’ve got a solution for you and all of your friends stuck in similar positions! Now we’re a fairly novel company, but I’ll give you the basic concept of it. By signing up for a free account on PupilMentor, and entering your zip code, you can locate almost any mentor within your vicinity! In other words, any provider of an extracurricular activity who signs up with PupilMentor, can and will be found on the website by parents and students who wish to learn! Plus, the even greater benefit that PupilMentor.com provides is the secure connection and contact between the pupils and the mentors! Not only can parents conduct all transactions through the website (so don’t worry parents, if you forget your checkbook or cash at home), but mentors can also communicate feedback through the site! It is a safe means of discussing and receiving information and feedback on your child’s performance in class. It would be absolutely positively fantastic if you could help – not only us, but also all of those sleep-deprived parents driven to provide the absolute best for their children, and also the thousands of instructors out there, earning a living for themselves – by spreading the word of this company, and encouraging children, parents, teachers, and coaches to join!

Well, somehow my blog entry has become a marketing pitch, but that was not my complete intention. I will admit, I did intend to reveal the existence of PupilMentor.com to all of your lovely eyes, but it is for an honorable cause (if you can consider alleviating parents’ stress an honorable cause)! My blog will basically consist of timely, opinion-filled(so please don’t hate 🙂 ), extracurricular-centered entries. Obviously, I will take a little section to gloat about the awesomeness of my company, but that is to be expected. Okay, it’s nearing my bedtime, so to wrap things up quickly, let me just tell you that really and truly, PupilMentor.com can make a grand impact on your life, whether you are a student or an adult. Please please please check it out! 🙂

Till next time folks,


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