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Hey readers,

I’m back! So what shall I begin with? What if i was to start with a particular difficulty in my own life, that stimulated my interest in this company’s intentions? I realize that none of you can really respond to me at this point, so I tell myself to proceed! 🙂

As a child, I was very quiet and self-conscious. While I absolutely loved sports and games, I was completely against any form of contact with another person. Silly me, I was so afraid of the possibilities of getting hurt, of hurting another person, etc. This, of course, basically resulted in my deference from nearly every sport. Soccer and lacrosse, which could result in a lot of pain, were absolute “no’s” from the beginning. Swimming was out of the question, since I had seemed to develop an unreasonable fear of sharks (of all things, I know).

I grew a love for basketball, though, which became a major issue if I did not want to hurt or shove anybody. So afraid was I, that someone would get hurt in the game, that I basically stood on the outskirts of the court, waiting for somebody to pass me the ball. I was a great shooter; so no, that was not the issue at all. The issue was that I refused to get involved. Unfortunately, in the case of this sport, it took too long for my parents or myself to understand the real problem. The coach was great, but the communication was not.

Years after playing basketball, I once again shifted and chose to stick with tennis. I loved the sport, for multiple reasons. Primarily though, it hardly required contact with a team of shoving, angry players. I mean, the only way I could really be hurt by another person (discounting instances with the ball) was if someone managed to jump over the net – which…let’s be honest, would never happen in any normal situation. Despite the “happy ending,” it would have been great if my teachers were able to give me feedback, and tell me exactly what I was doing wrong, or if I only had to go to one teacher to figure out if I liked the sport. That could have saved a lot of time and money. So seriously, make your lives easier, people, and join! 😉

Till next time,

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