Musical Pasts, Presents, and Futures

Hello readers,
     You know, the thought that oftentimes crosses my mind is that if I had made a different decision sometime in my past, would my present be greatly different? I’ll relate to you one key event in my life which soon became a difficulty, and forever altered my course in life.
     I have always been interested in music. Whether it was staring out the window on a blissful day listening to some country music, or jamming out to some good old rock n’ roll tunes, music had a way of relaxing me. My parents wanted me to take the cultural route with music, however. Thus it was, that by word of mouth we heard of a great keyboard teacher in a land far, far away who could teach me how to play traditional music.
     I grew to love playing keyboard, I really did. The only problem though, was the drive. Over an hour-long drive a day, twice a week – once for keyboard lessons and once for cultural singing lessons – became a weekly family trip, and left no time to spend on other activities. Back then, as some of you know, it wasn’t that easy to find online reviews about local instructors. I know my parents wished for a class closer to our home, but since they hadn’t heard of one in existence, there was no alternative but to quit both classes.
     Eventually I found another music teacher, but I never did learn classical keyboard again. I wonder how my life would have been had I continued the classes, or if I had simply found a different teacher near me. It would’ve been different, for sure! Anyways, you can avoid losing something forever, by finding an accessible instructor near you. So use PupilMentor to find that forever teacher!
Till later,

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