Equality in Education

Isn’t it curious how we all begin our lives in the same way, yet grow to live differently? We are all born as tiny little squeamish babies, yet the way in which we are brought up differentiates us. There are so many barriers preventing us from complete equality: our genders, skin color, orientation, residential area, etc. How much more separate can we be?

Over a week ago on June 26, 2015, a law was passed by the Supreme Court, enabling marriage between people of the same gender in all fifty states. This itself, is a huge step towards achieving total equality among human beings. While the real difficulty now lies within those who continue to discriminate against people of all kinds, at least the legality of the matter has been solved.

Did you know that in the field of education, there exists a large gender wage gap? Women in general, are paid less than men are. While I am not really sure why, I know that statistics show that even women with higher credentials are paid less sometimes in schools. With tenure, however, that has changed, but discrimination is still apparent in many schools. Maybe it’s because people believe that women are more nurturing and kind, and thus naturally are adept at teaching (and as such, do not require as much pay), a belief which I find completely ludicrous! I mean seriously, any person can be like that; assigning a particular role to women is itself discrimination.

By attempting to locate a teacher or student through Pupilmentor.com, you are giving every person an opportunity and chance to pursue their dreams of teaching or learning. In your own way, you are pushing for equality as well, in the field of education.

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