Zeal: A Definition and Motivation

Hi folks,
       You know, in life, it’s important to be passionate about something. Whether it’s a subject, an activity, or a belief, each and every person needs something that they strongly support and advocate for – something that, when brought up in a crowd of people, stimulates zeal within an individual and motivates them to engage in delightful conversations.
       For me, the topic that gives me that zeal described is women’s rights. While I am a great advocate for women’s rights and equality as a whole, I prefer to focus on a more narrower topic: the equality of women in the technical world. I am a huge advocate for equal women representation in technical careers such as computer science and engineering.
       Did you know that in most colleges and universities, men greatly outnumber the women in technical majors? Yes, while there are thousands of people attempting to correct this situation, it remains true that women are largely underrepresented in this the general field of study. While I know that with time, this is a problem that can be fixed, what really bother me are the other responses to these numbers.
       Does the low number of women in a large field of study indicate any sort of intellectual superiority that one gender has over the other? Of course not! Yet this is the mindset that some have – that because there aren’t many women in tech careers, most women are not competent or motivated enough to participate in the field.
       Now as I stated earlier, I am in complete denial of this belief. While I acknowledge that yes, there are not as many women in technical careers as there could be, I understand that many many women and men vie and work hard towards filling that ridiculously large gap.
       In fact, I myself am in affiliation with a women-in-tech organization known as NCWIT, which provides motivations and stimulants to encourage girls to pursue careers in STEM. There are dozens of more organizations just like this one. Surely, if so much is being done by women to stand up for themselves and their place in society, they are most definitely dedicated, motivated, and competent enough to achieve anything.
       Anyways, so that’s my little spiel. What’s your passion? Comment below!
Until next time,

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