Young Inspiration

Hello readers,
Do you know what I find extremely amazing? When children or even young adults, meet an adult or parents so inspiring and admirable, that they shape their own goals to reflect the adult’s life. Most children feel this way towards their parent(s) at some point in their life. For a while when I was younger, I thought my path in life was to become an IT architect.
While this is common among many young children towards their parents, I find it awesome when someone with no previous ties to a child/young adult, manages to evoke a benevolent thought-provoking and jaw-dropping response – one that, however temporarily, leads the child to rethink their future.
I recently began an internship with Project Scientist, a company geared towards encouraging young girls in STEM. It is a great opportunity to encourage and motivate young girls to pursue their dreams and goals in STEM education and careers. Each week, Project Scientist has a focus area, on which they formulate various lesson plans and activities for the girls to learn. In addition, each week is highlighted by multiple occasions in which women in STEM careers speak with the children.
 I think it is amazing how, by the end of the week, each of the speakers had at least inspired one of the girls to further look into a particular topic. It is wonderful how a few words can stimulate and spark such an interest in young children. One can only hope that they, or their child, is equally as inspired by another individual. Though it is a well known philosophy to not speak with strangers, it is important to remember that sometimes the person who can change your life for the better may be a person you may never see again.
I hope this leaves you with thoughts,

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