Harry Potter’s Birthday

Hey readers,

Sorry for the delayed post! I’ve been swarmed with work, ugh. Moving on to a much lighter and effectively distracting topic… who here is excited for this Friday???!

For those of you who aren’t, it’s probably for one of three reasons. Either you have forgotten the one, the only, Harry Potter’s (and JK Rowling’s) birthday, for which I am very very disappointed, or you have never read or watched the Harry potter series before. Again, this latter reason too triggers my utmost disappointment in you. Or, and this is the final reason of course, you must be a Muggle. Because of course, if you have “forgotten” Harry’s birthday and have never read the books (and thus know absolutely nothing about the magical world of witches, wizards, magical creatures, and Hogwarts), you must be a Muggle. That’s okay though, I have nothing against Muggles! Just remember, if someone questions you about your knowledge about the magical world, you didn’t hear this from me :).

Now that everyone is up to speed, how are each of you going to spend this glorious day that only comes once a year on July 31st? If you’re not sure, I will tell you what my plans are! Maybe you can gain some inspiration and do something extravagant of your own!

After work, my plan is to pull an all-nighter with my best sibling, and watch all eight of the movies in a row! I’m sure we will need to take some breaks though, during which we will do some baking and follow some super cool and super easy magical recipes (such as pumpkin pasties, butterbeer, and chocolate frogs). While watching, we also plan on doing some fun Harry Potter arts-and-crafts activities! We already have quite a few magic wands in our possession, but we might do things like build a Golden Snitch or a couple of acceptance letters.

The following morning, we intend to play an intense game of one-on-one Quidditch. Because yes, one cannot have a Harry Potter party without a good game of Quidditch. And don’t tell me that Quidditch, which is normally a game with at least 10 players, cannot be played by 2! It can and will be done! 🙂 And that may just about conclude our party in honor of JK Rowling and her intelligent imagination!

Now that I have shared my plans with you, I’m curious. First of all, what are each of you doing to celebrate? Comment below! For those who haven’t yet read the series, what better way to commemorate Harry’s existence? Also, do you think I missed anything in my to-do list? If so, please add a comment and remind me! It is essential to the happiness of the entire world of Harry Potter…living in my mind.

Hope to read some responses,


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