Critical Choices, Life Changes

Hey readers!

Have you ever made a small choice in your life, good or bad, that later defined who you became? Something so miniscule, so seemingly unimportant, that you may have even cast it aside in your life, only for its consequences to come hurtling at you days, months, possibly even years later? Even if it hasn’t happened to you yet, be aware, it may come soon. The best part is, in the good cases at least, you won’t reap the benefits instantly.

For me, this moment came when I decided to take a certification test. Yes, a certification exam. Though I had been interested in computers, using applications, and playing Pokémon from an early age, it was when I took my first programming class that I was thrown into the world of technology. Sitting in a classroom surrounded by people and computers, I learned that technology did not just revolve around playing games and making presentations.

A segment of my class made it a requirement to achieve the first step towards a certification. Though not particularly interested in the subject matter, and more because I had a lot of time on my hands, I decided to take all six parts of the certification – in my own time. Never did I think anything would appear as a result. Months later, after receiving my certificate, I was commended for going beyond what was required of me, and thus ensued an entirely untouched world.

Now, I am very glad I decided to take that extra step. Just one impromptu and thoughtless decision sparked a whole new adventure. For some, this “adventure” may not be so good. It may stem from a poor decision made at a particular point in time.

But unless you have a magical power, you probably can’t predict how your choices will impact your life. It’s okay to make mistakes, remember that. It’s also important to know that you’re not alone. If you need help for anything, especially to make what you know will be a life-altering decision, talking to someone always helps. And hey, while it may not lead to a world-famous discovery or invention, it can be your own little adventure to tell others about years later! Inspire others, and share your story below if you’ve already had an amazing adventure in your life 🙂

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  1. Very thoughtful article. Keep it up and let us hear more of that.


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