Yogasana – Warm Up

Hello readers,

Detailed below is the order and movements of the warm up. Please do the following movements for loosening the various joints and limbs before starting the Asanas.

Begin by following these steps, while standing:

  1. Slowly swing both hands first clockwise (5 times) and then anti-clockwise (5 times)
  2. Place both hands on top of your shoulders (palms and fingers should touch upper back)  then place them on  lower back (5 sets)
  3. Then alternatively place one hand on the shoulder and the other hand on the lower back (5 times for each hand)
  4. Place hands on shoulder joints and swing them clockwise (5 times) and anti-clockwise (5 times)
  5. Bend on left side, raise right hand and place it above head, bent at ankle; hand should touch right ear, head and part of hand and palm go over your head; repeat the same on right side with left hand (5 sets)
  6. Raise hands above head, join palms and fingers and stand on toes, count upto ten (5 times); afterwards repeat this with knees bent on sides, count upto twenty (5 times); after this just stand on your feet and raise whole body so that it rests on your toes (10 times)
  7. Keep hands on hips, slowly bend on left side and then right side (5 sets)
  8. Keep hands behind neck one above the other, bend slowly forward and then slowly bend backwards (5 sets)
  9. Hold right hand with left hand above wrist and rotate right wrist, palm and fingers – first clockwise and then anti-clockwise (5 sets); then repeat this with your left hand (5 sets)
  10. Keep hands in front of you at shoulder level, then close and open your palms and fingers (5 times); then keep palms open and with thumb touch each finger for five seconds (both hands simultaneously); thereafter, fold  fingers and open (10 times)
  11. First bend head towards right shoulder slowly and then towards left shoulder (5 sets); then bend head slowly in front and then slowly bend towards your back (5 sets); thereafter, very slowly rotate your head around the neck first clockwise and then anti-clockwise (5 sets). CAUTION: DO THIS VERY SLOWLY! OTHERWISE YOU WILL END UP WITH DISLOCATED NECK.
  12. Stand on feet, bend one knee and raise the leg as high as possible; then repeat with the other knee (10 sets)
  13. Stand and stretch hands parallel to body, then twist waist first to the left and then to the right – Do this slowly – (5 sets)

Now sit down and do the following warm-ups:

  1. Keep legs in front and stretch only feet and toes forwards and backwards (5-10 times)
  2. Keep legs in front, then fold right leg and keep it on the left thigh, hold the knee with one hand and with the other hand hold the foot and rotate the angles; repeat this with left leg (5 sets); then in the same position hold your ankles with one hand and with the other rotate  right knee and thereafter repeat with left knee (5 sets)
  3. Keep legs in front  with about two feet gap near the ankles, keep hands on the hips, then turn half towards your back on the left side and then on your right side (5 sets)
  4. Sit with legs two feet apart, stretch hands parallel to body, then touch the left toe with right hand (your left hand will go towards your back), then touch  right toe with left hand (now your right hand will go towards your back) – 10 sets
  5. Sit with legs two feet apart, fold at the knees and let both soles touch each other; then without removing them bring them nearer to you; you will feel a little tug on your hips. Now hold the ankles and stretch the feet back and forth (10 times).

Now relax for 2-3 minutes, after which we will go further.

~ A. Santhanam

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